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The Steakhouse opened in 2012 and is a family-owned restaurant located close to the harbour of Reykjavik. Despite the name we offer dishes for everyone not just steaks!

The Steakhouse is elegant and stylish Reykjavik Restaurant. Best food and beverages, Wining and dining Restaurants in Reykjavik Iceland. 

The Steakhouse is in the popular restaurant hub around the Reykjavik harbour. Steikhúsið just means „The Steakhouse” and that is also a goal, to focus solely on steaks, be it beef, lamb, fish or fowl …or even nut barley. The Steakhouse is in the middle of Reykjavík, opposite the old harbor, which has recently formed into a lively neighborhood of restaurants, cafes and artisan stores Moreover, workshops. When you visit, remember to try our “28 days” Tendered meat. The heart of the place is a charcoal oven from Mibrasa, Spain.


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